On Jodie Foster Coming Out

Kids come out in middle school (and sometimes sooner) these days.

But we all have to keep in mind that every one of us is different. We grew up learning different perceptions of right and wrong, normal and different.

And we are just born differently. We have a different chemical makeup. We have different levels of tolerance than others. And by “we”, I’m not referring to gays and lesbians, I’m referring to the human race.

We are shy about some things, and boisterous about others. Something that may hurt my feelings, may roll off another’s back.

Criticizing someone for waiting until they’re 50 to come out; looking down on someone who otherwise “could have been a role model”; well, those are judgements that we shouldn’t pass. We don’t live in their heads. We don’t know their inner struggles, nor do you know mine.

Yes, we need more role models for our LGBT youth, but if someone isn’t ready for that responsibility, then it may just be counterproductive.

Good for you Jodie Foster for coming out. In your way. And in your own time.

No matter your age, or your circumstance, you are warmly welcomed into our community as far as I’m concerned. Whomever you are. Whenever you choose.

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